Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday Selections

Joining with River and Elephant's Child for Sunday Selections.

I once went to Junction Oval a couple of a few years ago to see Shane Warne play cricket. It was mildly interesting. It was once the home of the St Kilda Football Club, before the team moved to Moorabbin. Now some very nice people live in that area, but why would that area be a home for the St Kilda footy team? Am I correct in thinking the St Kilda footy team are returning to Junction Oval? Not sure, but a bomb load of money has been spent at the oval with a really good result. It is looking terrific and I am sure there are some nice areas within for posh people. In fact I can see the area for posh people in this photo. That would be the modern building.

I do like that Blackie Ironmonger stand has been kept.

Our late friend loved sunflowers, and so we bought some.

Fed up with overcrowded trams in St Kilda Road, we are looking at an alternative, new and modern  means of transport.

Not my photo, but it is rather magical lighting of our Exhibition Building. 

A visit to the Altona car wash usually involves brunch at Altona Village. Eggs seem to be the theme. 

One does love good workmanship, be it by chippies or concreters. Fail on both counts in Carlisle Street, St Kilda. 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Jussy goes native

We are in Tassie, so posts written in advance for a couple of days. I think Tasmania has the internet, so I am not far away.

I feel quite possessive about Jussy, but he is not Australia's Jussy. He is Canada's Jussy, the Prime Minister no less. When he marched as a supporter in Toronto's Gay Pride March, he was perfectly dressed for the occasion. No doubt his sense of style comes from Old Ma Margaret (or perhaps his missus).

It seems Jussy likes to go native when he travels overseas, and makes his family do the same.

I can't wait until he comes to Australia and has to strip off to his shorts for some ochre body painting to be applied by our Indigenous.

Friday, April 20, 2018

The week that was

(two weeks now) Allow me to make it into a long week. Friday last was the funeral of our friend. We went back to his partner's now home for drinks and cake. We dropped two friends off after we left, doubling our journey time home. Saturday I worked and R did shopping. Sunday we went into town to buy presents for our 1 year old nieces.  Monday morning R did his volunteer work and I went into town for some reason. Tuesday we went to Sydney. Wednesday we came home.

Thursday was Mother Day and I went along, a big mistake. I am so in the way when it a Thursday Mother Day for R. Loud words were exchanged on the car trip home.

Friday, doctor's appointment for R. Some Prahran shopping, and then dinner with Brighton Antique Dealer, not as simple as that sounds and worth a post on its own.

Saturday, basic shopping in South Melbourne and then to the twin's 1st birthday party on the Mornington Peninsula. Brought Little Jo back home with us from the party and we had pasta for dinner. The next day, Sunday, we took her to see Wonderland at Fed Square and late afternoon delivered her to So Cross Station to meet up with her Bone Doctor Mum to catch the Geelong train home. Little Jo only our desktop pc to make some biscuits with R.

A last minute invitation had us meet up with with friends at The Dick on Sunday night for dinner, our late friend's partner and his about to depart from Australia brothers, Brighton Antique Dealer and our Hair Dresser friend.

Monday a medical appointment for R and he is not diabetic. Tuesday we caught a train and lunched in Clayton after R had a tooth extracted, fortunately a dry socket, so no blood on his pillow.

Today, Wednesday the trams will return to St Kilda Road and we will go into town but before that, it is well overdue house cleaning. The next day is R's Mother Day, and be rest assured, I won't be going.

Friday nothing much but a medical appointment for R.

Saturday we fly to Launceston with our Hair Dresser Friend to see our Dyke Friend and Dog Jack. We will stay for two nights and return on Monday. I think I have enough blog posts cooked earlier.

Next week is looking peaceful, aside from R's Mother Day on Thursday that R is saying I should go along for and one medical appointment for R on Friday and one for me the same day to seek some sound financial advice to see if I can give up work and continue to live in a manner as have been accustomed to.

Sunshine train crash

It was terrible crash, 110 years ago, in the now Melbourne suburb of Sunshine where the Ballarat train meets the Bendigo train before they arrive at Spencer Street Station. Back then Sunshine was an outlying area of Melbourne. The Bendigo train was very late arriving and the brakes failed completely, it would seem. 44 were killed and 413 injured. A song was written about the incident and has now appeared on Youtube.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Melbourne's very large puzzling inner east

This piece published yesterday in The Age annoyed me with its opening sentence. The headline reads, Blue ribbon inner east sees 100% growth through immigration. Blue ribbon means they are prime and safe conservative party seats. I went on to read the piece, which was of no consequence as it didn't tell me anything I did not already know.

Why I read the piece was that I could not understand inner east being conservative. In my mind and to my knowledge they are either Labor(sic) or Green.

I would like you local people to tell me if I am wrong thinking of Richmond, Abbotsford and Collingwood as being inner east. In the article, Kew and Hawthorn were included as inner east, but I consider them middle suburbs. Lordy though, so too included were Doncaster, Templestowe and Box Hill as being inner east! C'mon, they are outer eastern suburbs.

Perhaps a new name is needed for the Melbourne suburbs beyond what I think of as the outer eastern suburbs, or perhaps I am just old and caught in a certain mindset and there is no budging me.

I try not to take media too seriously, but how could such stupidity go to press?